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If you’re looking to spice things up for yourself or with a partner, these Nifty erotic stories should do the trick. I have been a fan of porn for quite awhile, as I am a very visually stimulated person. I thought having my girlfriend watch porn with me would be a fun experience, and it was, for me. But for her, I felt like she got weird and insecure about it. I wanted to spice things up for her as well without any negative affects, but I wasn’t quite sure where to start.

Tommy’s Bookmarks has been my go-to site in adult entertainment for quite some time. Knowing that they give honest reviews on everything far beyond just porn, I decided to look there for ideas. When I discovered sites with erotic literature, my horny little brain began working overtime. 

I was delighted at the sensual and sexy stories that I found. The best part is, my wife was too. We now read them together before sexy time and let me tell you, she’s never been wilder in the sack.

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Porn is a mechanism that brings you smoking hot sex and it’s usually right now. The producers know what it takes to get horny men to blow a load and they give them the visual outlet they are looking for. One thing I find much more satisfying is by reading sex stories, and I found a site that has put together a list of where you can enjoy the best sex story sites. Erotica may take a little more time than porn to get you off but there’s no rule that you can’t use both means of getting off. 

If you enjoy taking your time and like the building feeling that you get while enjoying dirty stories then I think you should check out Nifty Erotica Archive. The stories are great and very erotic. They understand how important details are and enjoy walking your mind through all of the details of setting a sexy scene between two horny adults. There are several ways you can find your next erotic story when using the site. There is a side menu that will walk you through all of your choices.

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