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Like choosing a holiday viewing houses starts off with great excitement. Trawling the paper & internet making shortlists all initially bring such exhilaration. You start imagining being on that beach with its rich turquoise water or creating a culinary masterpiece in that contemporary kitchen. As you continue on the quest you find the hotel you want is fully booked the beach is shingle not sand & the reviews are less than favourable. Its been a bit that way with the house quest. Sometime its clear before you walk in that it isn’t right.

More often then not thought its the estate agents that cause the most hassle. Smug pompous upstarts that think they are real men when mostly – they are just wee boys. All you want them to do is open the door & let you take a bloody look around the house. But no they give you all the bullshit spiel about the fittings the oak flooring etc.

So after months of house hunting wasting time looking at houses that had they told the truth about I would never have bothered to view my tolerance was at particularly low ebb. That day an agent called to tell me about a house that was just what I was looking for an absolute must he said. I arranged to meet him there after work.

I had a bitch of a day busy as hell nothing went quite right & really all I wanted to do was go home soak in a bath & fuck my man senseless. Though I have to admit having pissed off to a stag night – he hadnt actually helped my mood. I could imagine it all – too much beer all lads talk & stuffing fivers in the knickers of sluts in seedy strip joints seemed crazy – when he could be home fucking me. His loss? The traffic was dreadful the rain beat against the windscreen & making it across town in time for the viewing was such a rush. I made it only a few minutes late.

The house was in darkness & no one was there. I waited in the car for 20 minutes before the agent finally weighed in. I tell you I was livid.
I hadn’t seen this guy before he must have been new. Certainly if his attire was anything to go by the boy was certainly trying to look the part. He must have taken a mortgage to buy his suit. A bit too glitzy for my taste & the smell of aftershave overpowered me.

Please I thought silently to myself keep it brief & cut the bullshit. But true to form he launched into agent speak before we had got through the front door. Did I want to hear about the original features like hell I didn’t. I just wanted to look in each room & get the hell home. If my man wasn’t there my dildo sure was & I needed an orgasm before sleep. Why change the habit of a lifetime? Looking at the young guy I found myself though irked feeling quite sorry for him. He had to say his bit & I guess I had to listen. As we carried on through the house I realised that while it may have potential it was not the must see I had been promised. So I turned off looked at what I need to & let him carry on.

As we completed the tour he was keen to know my impressions & seemed quite desperate that I make an offer. Explaining that it was okay but not for me I watched as his expression changed from enthusiastic to absolute disappointment. The boy was glum. He sat down on the dining room chair his head dropped to his hands & he sighed. Turns out that he hadn’t made a sale in 6 months this was his final chance. If he didn’t sell this house to me he was out of a job. He pleaded & begged that I make an offer. The bottom line was that the boy was willing to do anything to make a sale. The onslaught continued it seems I was his last chance & again he reiterated that he would do whatever I wanted if only would consider it.

My libido & conscious had been having an argument since the begging started. After all a cute young guy – still wet behind the ears offering whatever I wanted just so long as his kept his job was too much for me. As my head went into overdrive & my pussy began to throb I realised that while I was a sympathetic woman I was hornier that I would ever be sympathetic.As I met his gaze he understood that it wasn’t the practical stuff like getting me a good mortgage deal or repairing my car I had in mind. The boys face flushed he wriggled in the seat & stammered a bit. So – how was I going to play this I pondered though only briefly. Having the upper hand with an estate agent was such a novelty I knew I would milk this boy dry & there was no place for coyness that night.

I was getting off on his anxiety. Why is it that a nervous man can make a powerful woman really quite dangerous? There was nothing that could stop me from enjoying this.Walking slowing around the table I met his gaze. A deep intent stare and with each step I took neared to him – my pussy throbbed more. Frozen to the spot he didn’t dare move. It dawned on him that he would get more than he bargained for. Taking his smooth face in my hands I reassured him with a shush that it would be okay.

His breathing hastened a little though I suspected more from anxiety than arousal. Slowly I undid his tie & released the buttons on his shirt. If his chest was a gauge I knew he was going to be beautiful just what I liked. Smooth ripe & young. Moving his head slightly to the side I started on his neck. Nibbling licking & kissing it. His heartbeat was audible & beads of sweat began to appear & he still clutched his bundle of papers. The boy was frozen to the spot & I knew that in the absence of a manual he would need a lot of direction.Removing the papers from his hand I took his shirt off his shoulders. His young well toned muscles turned me on.

I have always liked to look to take a moment to explore with my eyes while allowing my mind to ponder what direction I wanted to take it. Would I bully him be rough with him humiliate him even or perhaps a gentler encounter was more appropriate. Putting a little distance between us I surveyed his body his chest exposed his belt still fastened. And spending a little longer looking in his eyes I saw pure apprehension. Looking away would have been the kindest thing to do but I didn’t. He shuffled diverted his eyes blushed. Look at me I said. Moving close again I undid his belt allowing his trousers to fall to the floor. Even a nervous boy gets hard & as the erection in his pants grew I could barely contain myself. Take them off I ordered. Fumbling & tripping up he managed to remove his boxers. The sight that met me was surely worth the wait.

His cock gleamed beautifully stood proud & a small bead of spunk spilled from the end. Kneeling down I took his cock in my hand & the boy let out a moan. Even with that first touch I knew he was struggling not to explode there & then. And what was my power trip that night? He wasn’t allowed to come.

Here is the deal boy if you make an hour with me without shooting your load I will consider helping you out if you come no deal. His face contorted & he was surely facing the greatest challenge of his life & as I didn’t want to buy the damn house so was I? Working from his inner thigh I licked the delightful place where his balls met his leg. As he twitched & sighed I looked up into his eyes & reminded him of the deal. The base of his cock was broad I moved my tongue slowly around it feeling it throb. Trembling the boy almost crumbled the game would soon be up & I would be home within an hour. Taking my tongue in long slow strokes along the length of his cock stopping momentarily to look at it I had never seen such a beautiful specimen. His grunt & moans getting louder more primal with every lick. I laughed & said Not long now.

Perhaps laying down the gauntlet was not so smart after all. The boy let out a yell of No fucking way. That was it. I began to gently lick his knob little teasing sweeps expecting him to spurt at any moment. The boy had clearly got a hold of himself & despite the small beads of moisture that seeped into my mouth there was no sign of his orgasm. The transition from gentle licks to taking him full & deep into my throat was so quick it took him by surprise. The depth & breadth of his cock chocked me I sucked him with frenzy working his shaft with my hands the wet from my mouth helping to get a rhythm. His moans followed by another yell of You wont win. Time to up may game I thought.

Pulling my skirt up & my pants to one side I sat back in the chair opened my legs parted my lips & told him to kneel down & watch. Feeling the smooth velvety wetness of my cunt was beautiful. Gently tickling my clitoris he watched his cock hard his face contorted with the effort of containing himself. Every few moments my finger dipped slightly into the pink wetness of my pussy. Getting deeper & deeper until it disappeared inside completely. He almost crumbled the look of concentration on his face getting more intent. Not long now I said. His resolve only got stronger & even when I began fucking myself frantically with three fingers he managed to hold back.

How much was I going to have to up my game? I wanted to be fucked but there was a principle at stake here? Reaching across I lifted a bottle of wine out of the rack handed it to him – gave a look hoping he would get just what I expected him to do with it. Taking it from me he seemed bemused so I leaned back a bit more opened my cunt wide with my fingers lifted my legs up to rest on the chair & said Do it. He was more than cautious he hesitated before he eased the end into my wet eager pussy. God I was wet. It wasnt long before he found his courage plunging it into me steadily. As he hit that spot repeatedly I lost my self control my hips moving to meet the plunge. I could feel the muscles inside my pussy clench the spasm built momentum my entire body writhed & when orgasm came I yelled out. Still the boy held onto his spunk. I was getting angry I wasn’t for losing this challenge no way. Fucking him was not what I had intended but I guessed it had to be done. He knew by the look on my face what was coming & I could tell he was worried.

Taking his hand I led him to the lounge lay him on his back on the sofa & stood over him looking down I said The game is over boy just admit it. His cock was so hard I could hardly contain myself but knew that I should be deliberate. I like fucking on top when one foot can touch the floor it gives for more control. Climbing onto him I put the very end of his cock against my clitoris & worked it steadily around the swelling. He jerked & writhed fighting he wanted to plunge in yet was fearful of what would happen if he did. Okay boy this is where the game ends.

I am going to slowly lower myself onto your cock just a little at a time inch my inch. You wont be sure if or when I may push down all the way. When I do you will spurt into me like the little boy you are.By now his head rocked back & forth in protest muttering the occasional No way. Hey just let it happen you know you want to. It will be okay let yourself go. Slowly I lowered my cunt a little further onto his cock though with each movement pulling up again & looking as he struggled to contain himself. It going to happen soon boy you know that don’t you? In a minute your cock will be as deep as it can be inside me. Getting the angle & position just right one foot on the floor my knee wedged comfortably in the sofa I plunged down hard laughing as I did it.

God he felt beautiful inside me & the challenge only made my need greater. Resisting the urge to grind against him I lowered deep but each time raising up until his cock was almost out. Over & over up & down. The boys teeth were grinding trying to stave off the inevitable. I felt the need to explain what was happening I loved to talk during sex & a little dialogue could only help me win. Do you like this boy…………….I think you do. Can you feel the hotness inside me… you like it? That’s what a real woman feels like. You have a beautiful cock……….I can feel every bit of it rubbing against the swollen wetness inside me. You wont know exactly when but I will thrust down onto you & grind against you & when I do you will burst boy….you know it & I know it. And so it continued me raising & lowering slowly timing the words just before I lowered. He writhed struggled tried to distract himself concentrate on something else.

I was desperate just to do it holding back keeping the temptation was becoming more & more difficult. I just wanted to feel him deep to rub my clitoris against his groin while having his depth & breadth inside me. Taking a deep breath I looked into his eyes. Here goes boy. With strength I didn’t know I had I held onto his shoulders plunged deep – took him to the hilt kept my foot on the floor & rode the boy madly. He moaned grabbed at my ass pulling & pushing me back & forth. Two wild animals lost in the feeling of being filled fucked we bit – scratched grabbed lumps of each others flesh & sunk our nails into the others skin. The point of challenge had gone & for a few beautiful moments we were lost in the sheer passion of fucking & being fucked.

The momentum rose screams increased & we had both got past the point of no return. With one last push his cock exploded its wet spunk into my cunt just as my body reached fever pitch. For minutes our orgasms rippled through us both. Collapsing onto his chest I was totally spent. The boy lifted my head & looked at me. That was wonderful I have never been fucked like that I am sorry I came though.It was time for me to go & while I wasnt for buying the house I though perhaps a sexy second viewing was in order…

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