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The air was tense with anticipation. They danced around one another – made small talk – though knowing that the inevitable long awaited tangling of their bodies was imminent.
She brushed past him & a throb began to pulse steadily between her legs. Trying to busy herself in the rituals of such encounters – the half baked etiquette of sexual liaisons. Though even then – the potential of delaying gratification though highly arousing – seemed unlikely. She has rehearsed this moment in her mind over years & particularly in the last two days. She wanted to be slow– methodical – determined & to tease him to the point of pain. But now she was there – she felt overtaken with passion – ready to disregard the replay of years of anticipation and stride him mercilessly.

She sat on his lap – their lips met – their tongues explored each others mouths with less of urgency and more ease than she had expected. His mouth met hers –gently they nibbled – licked & every once in a while – plunged their tongues to the point where she really couldn’t tell where her mouth ended &his began. Then intermittently slowing down again – readjusting the ferocity –gently kissing & their eyes met. They saw deep into each other that moment& they really should have known then – that this was something quite different. She felt him harden against her & their breathing hastened. Her nipples erect – the goose bumps on her neck & chest – made her shudder. And all the time – the wetness grew – the throbbing in her cunt intensified. Her pants so wet & she cold feel her lips begin to open. He lifted her onto the bed – the initial urgency of removing one another’s clothes subsided & they began to savour the undressing.

As they peeled away the layers – they both absorbed one another. Taking it all in – experiencing it through every sense. The feel of one another’s skin – his manliness – the ruggedness of his body hair – the briefest of glimpses of the tip of his cock – a little moist & shiny – as his pants fell to the floor. The slightly salty taste of his sweat as she passed her mouth over his neck – the feel of his breathing as it deepened. The smell of sex hung in the air like musk & she knew that they would touch each other deeply on every level.

As she lay back on the bed – half dressed on the top half – he slowly removed her panties. She neither faltered – nor covered herself up – nor sought the dark. The half light seeped through the curtains giving just enough illumination for him to inspect her. She wanted this man to explore every inch of her – to know her inside & out. She wanted to know that he would always know her cunt. Always be able to tell it was her. To be sure that it was safe. Strangely – both sexually & emotionally – she wanted to be vulnerable. She parted her legs – looked briefly in his eyes as if to say – ‘Its okay –whatever you do to me is okay’. He returned her gaze & they both knew that it was safe.

From her diagonal position across the bed – she watched as his mouth moved closer to her cunt. She felt as though she would burst – but she needed to see this moment – this instant when his mouth explored her – this erotic defining instant in time – their time. She watched as his tongue appeared from his lips– moved closer to her cunt & it met with her clitoris. She felt her hips move to meet him – her back arched & a deep but quiet sigh came from her mouth. He licked her cunt beautifully – his tongue gently but rhythmically darting across her clitoris. She swooned – the intensity distracted her &while she continued to look – the build up in her cunt took away her focus & she observed him lick her through a misty film of desire.

Just then – he lifted her legs up & put his finger deep inside her while he carried on teasing her clitoris with her tongue. He positioned his finger perfectly – touching deep but gently – rubbing the spot so deep inside that she couldn’t locate it precisely. Although she sensed that the tip of his finger was exploring the upper part of her cunt – as though reaching for her stomach. Her cunt – her clitoris were on fire. A soft panting replaced the deep breathing –as he looked at her closely there – her cunt opened to greet him.

She was torn because while she loved what he was doing – she desperately needed to feel him – to touch him – to take him in her mouth – to pleasure her man. She pulled him up onto the bed – sat back just enough to look into his eyes & while unspoken – she was telling him that now she was going to explore him. He looked a little nervous – she liked that.

She lay him back on the bed – surveyed his body with her eyes & starting from his face began to kiss & nibble him. The taste of his body made her shudder– his breathing hastened as she made her way lower. She paused a moment – lifted her head & looked at him. She wanted to see the expression on his face & she needed him to understand that she would take his hardness into her mouth – that this was going to happen – that doing this to him gave her pleasure. His eyes met hers & he understood.

The knowing of what she was about to heightened her arousal. Her body shuddered – her wetness grew – her need for him magnified beyond all reason or logic. She wanted him deep into her mouth at that very moment – but she needed to know him. She had to explore him – she had to know every contour – to stop intermittently – look into his eyes & see the pleasure in his face. As she worked her way down his front – she could feel see his cock stiffen more & move upwards as if to greet her – to meet her mouth. She sensed a little hesitation – a slight pulling back. His body was shouting out to be taken – yet a slight nervousness made him resist a little. The slight resistance served to open her cunt a little more – the wet juice dribbling down her legs. They both knew then that she would explore him with her mouth – that – despite his slight reluctance – his hardness would grow to meet the back of her throat. That he would succumb – despite his slight hesitation.

She gently licked the length of his cock – losing herself in the way he responded. At that moment – he was a little boy – slightly apprehensive – but unable to resist. His breathing hastened – his cock grew – stiffened & he began to rock his pelvis. She teased the tip of his hardness with her tongue – exploring & remembering the places that made him wince a little stronger. She rolled him over onto his side – rolled herself to a similar position – took hold of his hips & pulled him toward sher. Within seconds – he reciprocated & then he took hold of her head & began to fuck her mouth with an urgency that made her slightly gag. But there was something powerful about the way he did this.

The manner in which he made it clear that this was what was happening – regardless of consent or not – that turned her on. She felt passive – dictated to – taken & she wanted more. She paused a moment – glanced at his contorted expression & she knew that very soon – his hard cock would be inside her wet throbbing cunt. But she had so much she wanted to do – so many more crevices to explore & again she felt torn.

Gently– he pulled her up the bed so that they were level. She wanted to sit on him there & then – but they drew breath. He took her face in his hands – looked deep into her eyes & the world changed for them both. They looked & looked – both unable to break the gaze – interrupt the spell that overrode everything. Deep in the silky ponds of their eyes they could see the remnants of past hurt – feel the pain of loves lost – sense the disbelief of where they found themselves at that moment & while it remained unspoken – they understood that life would never be the same again.

He slipped his hand under the covers – slightly parted her legs – picked up her wetness from the base of her cut with his finger & brought it up to gently touch her clitoris. The feeling was blissful – the electric shocks began to take her over as he worked so expertly on her swollen bud. She tried to ride the waves – to focus & refocus – but with each movement – she lost control of her body. And all the time – they gazed deeper & deeper into one another’s eyes – with each look – they gave more & more of their souls to the other. She could neither contain nor control herself.

Her body juddered – her eyes expressed a slight fear as she really didn’t know this & all the time her mutterings grew from words of appreciation to primal groans. She jerked forward – fearful of what happening –sought reassurance from his eyes – and she knew that he had got her. His arms strong around her body – giving her reassurance through his words & his looks – yet at the same time – restricting her ability to escape.

She didn’t know where she was going – she wanted it to stop – yet didn’t. The potent combination of being loved & controlled simultaneously intensified the growing surge in her cunt. It was taking over her body – she jerked forward –bit his chest & orgasm grasped her – took her to a different level – a place she had never seen before. She screamed the scream of a woman in the beautiful realm between pain & pleasure. A woman who for the first time in her life – had lost her composure – was not in control of her basic responses.Then she rode the wave again & again & again until she could no longe rtake it. And all the time – the deep look – the losing themselves in one another’s eyes continued.

She could feel his hardness – the firmness of his cock & she knew that she would feel it inside her. That she would choose how it would be done. Her cunt was soaking – his cock hard. She looked at him in a slightly controlling manner– took his hardness in her hands – gently massaged the length of his cock –scooped up some juice form her cunt – rubbed it into the end of his cock & strode his body. As she lowered herself down – she felt the heat of his cock – it’s hardness filled her. She tried to be slow – methodical – to soak up every sensation – but within seconds – her own animal instinct overtook her – she plunged deep & fast. His cock filling her up – his eyes explosive – his face pained but pleasured at the same time.

She could see how he bit his lip–rocked his head from side to side in an attempt to stave ejaculation. While she wanted to rock frantically – she slowed down for she liked to tease herself also. They composed themselves – she turned her body round so that they could no longer lock eyes – took his hard cock in her hand & guided into her now open – wet & desperate lips. She rode him from behind – his cock reaching inside her a delightful angle – touching her somewhere she could not describe – but that made her release a deep throaty cough like sound. She built up her rhythm – her back facing him –she fucked hard. Her back faced him – their eyes unable to meet & he knew that moment that he was being taken. As the intensity gathered the kind of momentum that means there is no going back – she arched her back – his cock stiffened inside her & she felt the strong steady release as he spurted his come inside her.

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