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You know, there are times when a sexy milf like me needs to get rid of some tension and this weekend was one of them. My boss was killing me – practically chasing me around the office and desperate to get a piece of ass. But he sure as hell wasn’t getting it from me – the old perv is just not my type. But that didn’t mean that I wasn’t craving a good hard orgasm to cure my stress!

And when I’m in one of those moods there’s only one place to go – the beach! The beach, which is about a block from my condo, is just swarming with horny guys on vacation and I’ve never had a problem getting what I want when I go down there. So, on Saturday morning I put on this new sexy green and white striped bikini and hit the sand.

I’d barely gotten my body slathered in oil before some hot stud came over and offered to do my back. And it went fast from there. The talk started casual but it soon turned to sex and before I knew it we were headed back to his hotel room. Just what I wanted – no commitments, no holds barred, fucking!

I could see his cock getting hard under his shorts when we were in the elevator and I couldn’t wait to get my hands and my mouth on it. And he didn’t complain that’s for sure. Soon as we were in his room I ripped off his clothes and wrapped my lips around that thick knob. It was so big it stretched my mouth open and I couldn’t even get it all in. But that just gave me a good excuse to use my hands and my mouth at the same time!

When I couldn’t stand it anymore, I pushed him back on the bed and mounted him and slid that beautiful hard tool inside my cunt. I was so wet but it was still a stretch. I pressed my cunny against him until I was a full as I could ever imagine being. I teased him, riding him nice and slow, until I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. And then I completely let loose and rode him hard like he was a sleek motorcycle. Nothing I love more than power between my thighs! I came so hard and fast that it even surprised me! And when I thought that orgasm was ending, another one ripped through me that made me scream.

But he hadn’t come yet and I was craving some man juice. So I forced that monster cock back into my mouth and went to work. His cock tasted so good coated in my milf juices. I sucked it all off and the entire time he watched me. As I felt his excitement build, I put my tongue to work even more, reaching all those hot spots. When I knew he was going to blow, I released him and jerked him off until I got a nice mouthful of man cream. Yum!


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