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Being an executive secretary was definitely a good job and Micayla didn’t mind putting in the hours. She had her own office, the pay was excellent and it afforded her the luxuries she appreciated. But it was Friday afternoons like this one, she would rather be on the beach than in the office.

The boss was away and she had caught up with everything so the afternoon was dragging by. She was bored, horny and ready to start enjoying the weekend.

Micayla was just finishing a phone conversation making plans for the weekend when one of her co-workers came into her office. He was younger then she, mid twenties she guessed. She couldn’t remember his name but he was a real sweetheart and she knew he had a crush on her.

She worked hard to keep her body in shape and she was blessed with a huge rack. And this guy couldn’t keep his eyes off the cleavage left bare by her low cut blouse.

He had brought her the mail, as he often did, and she knew it was just an excuse for him to be alone with her for a few minutes. Micayla made small talk with him and flirted as she often did. He really was a nice looking guy and since she was horny anyway, she decided to make his dream come true.

And much to Micayla’s delight, it didn’t take much encouraging to get this horny co-worker out of his clothes and offering her his big, juicy cock to use for her pleasure.

She had him leaning back in her comfy desk chair with his pants dropped to his ankles, her hand wrapped around his thick pole while she slid his dick deep in her mouth over and over again. She cradled his shaft with her tongue and pumped her hand up and down the length of him.

Micayla hadn’t thought his cock would be so big and just the thought of having every inch of him inside her warm, wet slit was making her clit swell and ache.

It was that thought that made her totally unresisting when he pulled her away from him and bent her over the desk. He lifted her skirt up past her hips before sliding her silky panties down her legs. With no barriers left, he firmly pushed his bulging cock deep inside her tight wetness and buried every inch of his long member inside of her.

Micayla could feel her tender muscles stretching to their limit to accommodate his size and the feeling made her gasp in pleasure. The more he pumped into her, the louder her moaning became. And when he changed her position so she was on her back, he fucked her hard and deep forcing the moans and screams from her. She would never have thought him to be so forceful but she loved it. Micayla loved feeling his big cock force its way into her tight, aching pussy balls deep.

Reaching down between her legs, she rubbed her swollen nub feverishly as she felt the orgasm begin to surge through her body. Her pussy tightened on his massive pole and she felt him tense and heard his moan at the pleasure and pain he was feeling.

When he suddenly withdrew from her, she felt so empty. But when she looked at him and saw what he had in mind, she gave him a wicked little smile before opening her mouth wide for him.

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